How to Free Up Disk Space

Ten Tips for Cleaning Up Disk Space on Your Windows PC

Reclaim Gigabytes of Disk Space

Running low on disk space? Backups taking forever? PC slow and bloated? These tips will help you to free up drive space quickly and safely.

Yes, Drive Space Really Does Still Matter

Over-stuffed hard drives can affect the performance of your PC, slow down backups (especially online backups), and make it harder to find what you really need.

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How to free up disk space

Freeing Up Disk Space: Ten Things You Need To Know

Remove Unused Programs

#1: Remove Unused Programs

There's a good chance that you have un-used software programs lingering on your hard drive.

Use NTFS Compression

#3: Use NTFS Compression

Use the built-in compression features of the NTFS file system to reduce the amount of space consumed by files.

Manually Remove Unwanted Files

#5: Manually Remove Unwanted Files

Sometimes you just need to roll up your sleeves. Learn how to find and remove large, temporary, & old files.

Clean Up System Restore Points

#7: Clean Up System Restore Points

Learn how to configure Windows System Restore so that it uses less of your valuable drive space.

Disable Hibernate

#9: Disable Hibernate

Windows' hibernation feature consumes disk space whether you use it or not. Learn more about whether you should disable it.

Run Windows Disk Cleanup

#2: Run Windows Disk Cleanup

This tool is built into Windows, is easy to use, and is a great first step in freeing up hard drive space.

Check Folder Sizes

#4: Check Folder Sizes

Check the size of the folders (directories) on your hard drive to better understand how and where disk space is being used.

Remove Unwanted Windows Features

#6: Remove Unwanted Windows Features

Many software applications offer configuration settings that allow users to control their disk space usage.

Find and Remove Duplicate Files

#8: Find and Remove Duplicate Files

Learn how to find and remove those space-wasting duplicate images, music files, documents, and more.

Clear Out Your Downloads Folder

#10: Clear Out Your Downloads Folder

Once you've downloaded and installed a program, you no longer need the original installation packages.